I put together an instant version of Wordle with a streak counter as a base for a game I'm working on. If you're addicted to Wordle and hate waiting for a new one then this is the place for you!

This isn't original at all I'm just experimenting and having fun :)

You can find the original Wordle here: https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/

Featuring some visual assets and sounds from: https://kenney.itch.io/

Font: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Press+Start+2P?query=2p

Made with: https://www.construct.net/

If you like this and want to support my work please buy one of my TTRPGs at https://wheelsrpgs.itch.io/

If you run into any bugs let me know in the comments, I'm pretty new to programming in general.  I might make small updates here and there but this is a for fun project so don't expect massive amounts of support.

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Is ther any way to change the background or correct letter color?, my husband has vision problems and the yellow letters are impossible for him to see, it is a little easier if we get to level 2 but takes forever to do that!  Great game

PLEASE please please change the yellow/white combo. It is awful to read. :(  I love everything else!

Juker is a word. You should add it to your dictionary.

I love Wheeldle!  Thank you. I find it somewhat difficult, however, to see the white letters on the yellow background.  My suggestion would be that in future iterations of the game, you use more contrasting colors for the correct letters in incorrect spaces. Again thanks for the enjoyment. Janie Campbell 


My first word was paint does this mean im artistic?


wtf is an agave bruh

agave is word. It was on wordle once L BOZO


SOARE is a word. Please add to your dictionary.  Fun game otherwise. 😀


does a streak save? I'm on like 12 and don't want to lose it when I log off


So many genuine words just not accepted - I give up.    Today I have had 3 goes at finding word using all the vowels but still  have a nil return - how can that be?

There are no words that only use the letters that I have left.

what did it tell you the word was? o.o


I quit the game when there weren’t any possibilities. I didn’t even think to put wrong words in to find out what word they wanted. 


You could have tried cursing it, like in a cartoon: QXJGV

Hi. How many levels are there? Streak at 50, still at level 3...

Deleted 2 years ago

Level 160, and still at level 3 


Omaigahdwottastreak! but how did you crack their weird dictionary? 

Deleted 2 years ago

There are endless levels.

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I played this a bunch of times and didn't notice any bugs, untill now. The word to guess was empty. Zero letters.

EDIT: Some additional words in the dictionary would be cool. A bunch are not accepted.


Great game, thanks. 

But encountered a 'no word' option several times, including today.

Also surprised how many common words are not accepted: 

Midge, Spall, Plebs, Lupin, Relet, Doric, Bling, Hunky, Rotas,....


I'm baffled as to what dictionary doesn't contain actual words like morph, chink and mafic, but does contain an abbreviation like hippo.


I just lost because of the non-word "gotta." Yet trope was rejected as a word!


"Sicko" is a word, for some reason...

If you fill in a line, hit enter, then tab...  things stop working.  It becomes unresponsive.

Adding this because you asked for bugs.

Love the game!


Could you make a colourblind-friendly mode? The yellow and green are practically indistinguishable to me.


I don't know what people are complaining about. It makes it clear that  the game is just experimental. I

lost at 6 to crepe using erupt as the last wor


and crap, i left my caps on


this is like mastermind, come to think of it


struggled for ages - no wonder as ‘kinda’ is not a word.


Kinda is 100% a word https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oGDf1wjWp5RF_X9C7HoedhIWMh5uJs8s/view

It would be nice if you didn't lose your streak when you close the tab or browser.

Thanks for making this, though :)

Browser version crashes on button press.


No A, E, I, O, U, or Y? No idea, but I know how to spell "bullsh't."


Buggy... said there was no T, but the answer was THIEF


This terrible. I have guessed several words that are in the dictionary that the game says are not, and it is maddening that it won't reveal the answer if you get locked out because you entered something that "isn't a word".


You don't get locked out, just hit 'delete'. And it's not using the full scrabble dictionary, this is OK


Hi-I agree with others that it'd be nice to have a pause after succeeding  (with a celebratory message) before the screen disappears and moves on to the next round. I don't need a screenshot of the game. But, the fun dopamine hit of that moment of celebration is a big reason for playing any game! It's kind of anticlimactic without that.

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You have "bronx" in the dictionary which is a proper noun. You also have "enrol" which is a British English spelling, while most other words seem to be American English. 


first of all, i'm enjoying playing this. Congrats.

 Bug: All my data is lost every time I stop  playing, even for a short while.

Also, instead of going immediately to next word, I would love to have a screen to print and share my guesses, like in wordle. 

Also,, the word was Kelly, but that's a name LOL . I tried jelly and belly but the word was a proper name Kelly🙃🙃

Tonight the game didnt accept the word  Bundt...,, as in bundt cake ....I think that word should be added as it's a common five letter word ty!,:):)


Remove Bronx from the dictionary if you won't include Paris or Italy. I am miffed that my streak was broken by this. 

i would agree. place names don't seem okay. just curious what dictionary the developer used to come up with words? perhaps a focus on the scrabble dictionary or something would be helpful here? 

i just tried 'feral' as an opening and it didn't recognize it as a word. is there a dictionary being used as the basis for the coding?


it's fun. thanks for developing.

words not being recognized though (i've been trying to use them as starter words)

- email

- bling

i will add as i come across others. 


very fun game

i play for hours on my phone


For some reasin it seems my Google Chrome doesn’t support HTML 5 and I can’t update it.


Are you using an American or British English dictionary? I got 'favor' and 'rumor', and then 'lorry'


Help - give up - can’t get started!


Nice game, but the white-on-yellow tiles are very hard to read for me.  Black on yellow would be great!

I've run into a bug where I'm stuck with 4 blank spaces with a letter after them. I can't backspace but it makes the type sound if I try to type. I can try to guess but it just says word not in dictionary.

My browser was also lagging quite a bit , don't know if that contributed.

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