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A cursed amulet that passes from house to house spelling the demise of all who witness it's gleam, an ancient crown sealed tightly away in a vault of steel, the last surviving manuscript of a sacred text. 


Throughout fiction and history, many speak of the invaluable and beautiful treasures of the world and how they come to be found, coveted and lost. But spare a thought for the treasures - torn from comfort and locked away. Lost to war and revolution. Melted into coin. Buried in the earth.


Play as one such item in this one-page, solo, journaling RPG by Michael Whelan and Zoe Delahunty-Light: Would you search through the lonely earth for me? Embody an item that sits and waits to be acted upon. Muse on how it feels to be LOVED, WORSHIPED, TARNISHED, LOST, EXPOSED, FORGOTTEN.


With inspiration from: The Machine by Adira and Fen Slattery, The Detectorists by Johnny Flynn, Alone Among The Stars by Takuma Okada


Buy Now£5.00 GBP or more

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I've had some fun with this. I particularly tried using playing cards instead of a d10. I sorted a deck into suits and removed all but one face card from each suit. The face card works as a reset - reshuffle all the cards in that pile if you turn up the face card. I found it helped avoid repetition and using face cards as reset means you're not locked in to having only one of each type of answer (for more resets/chance of repetition, use more face cards!)