Times are tough for wizards in the distant future year of 19,999. Some have turned to illicit money making schemes just to get by. You are one such wizard!

Sell illegal spells on the internet with your trusty Spelltronix-450 by writing words to match your customers requests. Balance your elements (consonants), try not to use too much crystal (vowels), and make sure your spells are the right level of power (word length). 

Not every request is possible right out of the gate, so you might have to settle for a less than perfect spell. But with more cash comes the chance to upgrade your set up - raise your prices, get more bang for your buck, and repair your very dodgy keyboard.

Just be careful not to spend all your coins in one day! You're barely scraping by as it is. Lose too much cash to the ever increasing taxes, domain costs, and ingredient prices and you might just end up bankrupt! 

BG art from https://ansimuz.itch.io/

Some UI elements and avatars from https://kenney.itch.io/

Font from https://itch.io/profile/somepx

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsMagic, Wizards, Word game, Wordle

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Love the game! Though I did find a bug:
When purchasing the $500 word reset the charge turned out to be 1000.
Also the music cuts out after a round or two?

Thanks I'll look into it! 

ah right you are, it's doubling the cost before it charges you!

When you say the music cuts out after a round or two, could you clarify what you mean by round? As in a customer or after you've had your weekly summary?

As in after a weekly summery or two. I honestly was so focused on the game that only after a pause did I notice that the music stopped.


Oh okay interesting, it should restart after each weekly summary. I'll have a look. Glad you're enjoying it!