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Its siren song calls to you in the small hours and for the better part of your life you have resisted it. But the song is sweet, honey and milk on your tongue. Its allure stands the hairs on the nape of your neck.

Here you stand now at the mouth of this great beast, the song still firmly in your head, the taste of it drying your throat. You know you must enter the maw of it, and it welcomes you like an old friend. You know you may not ever emerge from here again. But you also know you would die trying to reach what you seek.

Lost Below The Earth is a rules light, horror drenched storytelling game for one or more players. Using only a deck of playing cards you'll tell the story of a group of explorers, adventurers, or whatever the theme of your game demands, delving into a seemingly endless pit of spiralling caverns, unknowable sights, and abject terror.

Using a standard of deck of playing cards you'll traverse the winding darkness in an original higher or lower minigame to determine your fate each turn. A test of luck and skill in equal measure. With each failure the inky depths tightens its grip upon you and short passages and simple climbs will twist and distort into seemingly endless, hellish journeys.

Keep your wits about you, lest you lose yourself in the descent. Hope, Heart, Health, Humanity - the pieces of you this place will try to take away. Let any dwindle too far and your journey will come to a short and harrowing end.

A dark and foreboding RPG zine featuring cover art from Hexnovo and layout from Thorn Graphic Design inspired by the outlandish, oozing, maximalist design of games like The Magus and MÖRK BORG. Physical backers will receive a beautiful, full colour, saddle-stitched, soft cover zine dense and dripping with harrowing horror imagery.

Featuring over 100 prompts to guide your story, support for both solo and group play, optional rules for the feint of heart, and more. 

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing, Card Game
TagsHorror, Multiplayer, Story Rich


Buy Now£15.00 GBP or more

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This playing card based ttrpg is exactly as it says, a horror story that puts your character on a doomed expedition to places down deep, deep within the earth. I played as part of a duo and the story that unfolded was even more chilling and tormenting than any horror novel I've read or any horror movie I've seen. Fate is something fickle in itself, but giving the narrative to the suffering characters themselves is something both beautiful and gruesome, and we enjoyed every screaming moment of it as our PCs slowly lost themselves in the depths of stone forgotten in time. I will be playing this game again, and again!


I love the aesthetics of this game. The visual design kind of reminds me of Mork Borg, but with its own unique style. Haven’t played yet, but definitely keeping an eye on what you make next!

Thanks very much!


Lost Below the Earth is a fantastic solo game about hope and obsession. 

I made a short video review: